Our dance poles can be found across New Zealand in all leading, internationally recognised, pole dancing studios and in many happy, fun-loving homes. Whatever your requirements, we can meet your needs!

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The poles definitely add an extra something to our environment; people come to our establishment simply because they are here.  I would consider the small expense an investment that can make its money back in one evening–Amy Blackburn - Manager, Chaos Headquarters, Tauranga.

I am loving my pole. I already have it setup in my room. My ladies and I are already fighting over it. It has been a pleasure trading with you. Thanks again.–Sapphire Jackson - Auckland.

The girls are loving how easy it is to be a pole dancer and the guys love to come look at the girls.  It has added to the image of the club as a fun bar and improved our sales. I look forward to getting another one in for the summer and thanks again for excellent value and service.–Ken O'Byrne - Manager, Temple Bar

Out of all the poles I tested, I felt that Elite Poles were the best. Thus all the poles in my new studio are Elite Poles. I would not hesitate to recommend Elite Poles to anyone who was looking at purchasing a dance pool.–Aroha Wikohika - Owner, sing360poledancing

You have made many girls in Tauranga very very happy - they thoroughly enjoy my pole dancing classes. Wishing you all the success in future with your wonderful poles.–Gabbi Soyer - Pole FX Ltd